The Kitchen
A restaurant with an international appeal, where dishes are freshly made on different cooking islands.

La Ruche
An attractive place with a large reading table. Our customers come here to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a great lunch or a hot meal.

De Bijenkorf pastry
The place where our customers find well-selected wines and the most delicious cakes, biscuits and chocolate from our own pastry shop. Here our customers can also buy special gift items and refined delicacies.

City Café 
The City Café is both a luxurious coffee bar and a delicacy shop. In addition to the specialty coffees, the City Café offers a nice selection of lunch items such as various luxury sandwiches and the most delicious snacks.

Isaac's Bar
When sitting down at Isaac's Bar in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam, customers find themselves in the middle of the Men's Fashion department in the concept space amongst gadgets, fragrances and skin care. Certified baristas and bartenders provide our customers with coffee and cocktails and there is also a menu with tasty snacks.