Passion for our guests

Our customers are our guests. In everything we do we want them to feel special, and like nothing is too much for us to exceed their expectations.


We care about our people, animals and environment and seek a positive change, in ourselves and our suppliers. We have taken serious steps towards sustainability and we are not afraid to play a pioneering role within this. 

Open to change

We are curious, we want to continue to learn and look for new chances and opportunities. Therefore, we are always open to new ideas and insights. 

Continuously innovative

We stimulate your imagination and your senses. By looking ahead, by claiming authority and above all: by showing courage. This is why we are a front-runner in the dynamic world of retail. 

Take responsibility

Everyone at de Bijenkorf knows: my own role is part of a bigger picture and within this takes their own responsibility. Four our mission and for our guests. 


All our employees have their own expertise. Bringing all of that together is precisely what makes de Bijenkorf great. We work together to create the best shopping experience for our guests. 

Respecting each individual

We do everything we do based on equivalence and trust. We treat our guests and each other with one open mind and utmost respect.