Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive for a culture where everyone feels extraordinary. This includes an open, inclusive organization; an organization where everyone has equal opportunities, and where everyone feels respected, accepted, heard and valued. 

This is our D&I statement.


The extent to which different backgrounds from birth and characteristics are represented in our teams.

A de Bijenkorf culture in which every employee feels at home and is given equal access to the same opportunities. More or less on the inside, the feeling of an employee of belonging.

Action points included in the basic principles

We respect everyone's background
All employees receive an E-Learnings to understand the 3 basic principles and their own prejudices and to contribute to an inclusive culture.

This policy is an integral part of the introduction of all new employees on Day 1.

We show genuine interest in each other's feelings and views of the world and act accordingly
Short, frequent surveys are held every six months to request appreciation of the current policy.

Exit interviews deal with a sense of inclusion.
Each department is responsible for translating the internal policy to their own team, field and possibly the outside world/market. Each year, a department action plan is drawn up for this purpose and is part of the Performance Management objectives.
In addition to the centrally organized surveys, the Works Council regularly organizes sounding board sessions to feed policy with feedback.

We are inspired by our employees and the world around us
All employees are informed about the content of our D&I policy 2020-2022.

All our managers are trained in their expected contribution to an inclusive culture (basic principles, bias, recruitment & selection, team dynamics and diversity).

The Works Council is the representative of the employees. This policy is held at least twice a year at the consultation meeting of the Works Council and it is determined whether the policy should be updated and improved.

We discuss with the Works Council:

  • outcomes of the exit interviews
  • outcomes of the surveys
  • the evaluations of the departmental action plans