Diversity is about the mix of visible and invisible differences between people, such as age, religion, gender, physical ability, character and level of education. In short, diversity is about all the differences between people.


In an inclusive organization, everyone feels at home and every employee has equal access to equal opportunities.

D&I at de Bijenkorf

We respect everyone's background

We are not the same, but we are equal. That's one of the first trainings you get when you join de Bijenkorf.

We show genuine interest in each other's feelings and view of the world and act accordingly

Every six months we conduct a short survey to examine whether everyone at de Bijenkorf feels seen and heard.

We also address feelings of inclusion in exit interviews

This is how we learn what we can do better.

We are inspired by our employees and the world around us

Diversity makes our organization more creative, innovative and resilient.

The works council is watching

At least twice a year, D&I policy is on the Works Council's agenda.

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